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Hot tubs FAQs

Cinema FAQs

How is the hot tub filled?

The customer is responsible for the filling & emptying of the hot tub, all you need is a hose pipe. 

What is the temperature of the hot tub?
The maximum temperature is 40 degrees, but 36-38 degrees is the most comfortable.
How long does it take for the inflatable hot tub to be setup?
It takes around 30 minutes to setup and from 1 to 3 hours to fill the hot tub with water, depending on your water pressure.
How long do the hot tubs take to heat up?
It can take 12 – 36 for the water to heat up. Factors such as outside temperature and wind conditions will all effect the speed of the water heating up
Are your hot tubs safe for children?
British and Irish Hot Tub Association (BISHTA) advise that UNDER 4s must not use a hot tub.

For children over the age of 4, a slightly lower temperature of 35⁰C is recommended

All children must be supervised at all times to avoid any accidents. Always ensure children drink plenty of water whilst using a hot tub to avoid risk of dehydration

Ensure children are not in the hot tub for longer than 15 minutes at a time

For children who are unable to swim we recommend supervision at all times and additional swimming aids such as arm bands or a swimming float

Children who are allergic to chlorine or have other skin conditions are advised not to use the hot tub

Can I turn the hot tub off at night?
No, If the hot tub is turned off, the water will go cold and you will need to wait for it to warm up again.
What do you need from us to setup the hot tubs?

A level surface (no gradient or slope) of just over 2.5 x 2.5 meters (3 x 3 meters with a gazebo or 3 x 6 meters with our Cinetubs Experience package), a power socket within 10 metres and an accessible tap within 15 metres.

For our Hollywood Airjet hot tub, you will need two power sockets.


When will you deliver the hot tub?
We will deliver the hot tub on the Thursday or Monday you select. We will contact you to arrange a time, for delivery, the day before your delivery date.
How long does the hot tub stay hot for?
The hot tub will stay comfortably warm for up to 3-4 hours if being used, dependent on outside temperature. The heater will run continuously to maintain the temperature for as long as possible, however heat loss will be more than it is heated whilst in use.
Do the hot tubs have lids?
Yes. The hot tubs have lids to keep them free of flying debris when not in use, and to maintain your water temperature.
How do I book a hot tub?
You can check availability and book directly through our website on our booking page, which you can find by clicking here.
How long can I book for?
You can book for as long as you want, so long as delivery and collection is on a Thursday or Monday.
Can the hot tubs fit through a narrow passage?
As the hot tubs are inflatable , this does provide flexibility as to where you wish to set up. Please note that due to COVID-19, we are currently unable to enter premises/homes and therefore all equipment should be set up in an external location. We will inflate the hot tub once you are happy with an agreed location.
What do you do with the water afterwards?
On the final night of hire we require you to turn off the hot tub and begin emptying. Simply lift the plug on the hot tub floor and it will slowly empty overnight.
I have changed my mind, am I able to cancel?
We understand that sometimes plans change, or unforeseen circumstances arise, therefore if you wish to cancel 2 weeks before your booking date you will receive a full refund of your hot tub hire deposit. If you cancel after this time the deposit is non refundable.

For bookings cancelled less than 7 days before the start of the hire period, we will retain Your deposit in full and charge a further cancellation fee of 50% of the total Price

For bookings cancelled on the day that the hire period begins, we will retain your deposit and the balance of the full price will also be payable.

Is there a security deposit?

Should any Equipment become damaged during any hire period, the repair and if necessary, replacement costs will be deducted from the customer’s security deposit. If the repair and potential replacement costs exceed the deposit balance, then the customer will be wholly responsible for payment of the remaining balance.

Is there anything I need to do to maintain the hot tub?
You will need to add certain chemicals to the water to maintain water quality if you are booking over a few days. We will provide full instructions and demonstrate what you need to do to ensure you get the most fun out of your hot tub!
How do I pay?

You can make a booking online via the Cinetubs website or by contacting Cinetubs directly.  A £75 refundable security deposit is required as well as full payment for the hire at the time of booking.  The deposit will be returned to after the Hire period.

Do you offer gazebos?
Gazebos are available for an additional price.
Who is liable for any damages?
The booking party will be held liable for any damages. Please read our terms and conditions thoroughly to avoid any doubt.
Are your hot tubs cleaned?
Our hot tubs are thoroughly cleaned at the end of each booking with anti-bacterial spray. We also begin every hire with a shock dose of chlorine to ensure your tub is safe & clean.
What do you need from me?
Access to wall sockets within 10 metres

Wifi signal within range

A floor space of at least 2.8m is required to obtain good projection.

Can I connect my games console or tablet to the projector?
Yes absolutely. The connection to the projector works in much the same way as your TV and provides all in one entertainment with apps installed (subscription required) including Google Play, Amazon Prime and Disney+ so you can hook up a laptop, games console or stream via your mobile phone or tablet. If you are streaming do ensure that you are not too far from the wifi connection.
Can I use the projector in the rain?
No. Our equipment is not designed or rated for use in the wet. In the event of rain, all equipment, should be put undercover. This should also be done over night.
Is the sound quality good?
Our projectors have a built-in 5w speaker which provides quality sound. An optional sound bar can be supplied at additional cost should you wish to annoy the neighbours!!